Elanra MKII Home/Office Ionizer (Limited Supply)

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5 Star Care at Home

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Elanra MkII Home/Office Ionizer

Medal Winner – Salon International des Inventions. Geneva 2003

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5-Star Care at home

A therapeutic Ioniser able to replicate nature’s beneficial negative ions of Oxygen at a size small enough to be inhaled into the lungs to enter the bloodstream for true biological benefit. The Elanra MKII ioniser provides you with the added advantage of an extended 2 metre therapeutic range, as well as a vast 75 square metre (815 feet) bacteria killing / air cleaning capability.

Unique in its ability to support 2 people in a bedroom while they sleep with no drugs and no mask, the Elanra MKII ioniser, with its extensive range of individual settings works almost silently to pulse these small biologically active negative ions of Oxygen at variable frequencies to assist those recovering from illness as:

  • Improve sleep
  • Assists sufferers of allergies and eczema
  • Recovery from chronic fatigue
  • Assists breathing
  • Support immune system recovery
  • Reduce severity and frequency of colds and flu

As the programmable frequencies permeate the full 75 square metre range, the MKII is also recommended for:

  • General health and wellbeing
  • Meditation
  • Learning & Concentration

Also used in consultative/professional work environments or residential living areas, the Elanra MKII Ioniser is the preferred model for use in:

  • Reception areas/waiting rooms
  • Clinical offices or treatment rooms
  • Meeting/conference rooms
  • Aged care facilities
  • Operating theatres

As the most technically advanced personal Ioniser in the world, incorporating the finest components including a formulated casing that does not outgas or produce toxins, this award-winning product is suitable for those who are highly sensitive or allergic to chemicals and synthetics.

Designed to complement your lifestyle, the Elanra MKII Ioniser performs perfectly with windows and doors open or closed and even with the air conditioning on. Almost silent when operating and certified for use in hospitals, the Elanra MKII Ioniser complies with all safety and electrical standards and does not produce ozone which is detrimental to your health.

Our Belief in Elanra

Elanra Medical Pty Ltd offers unique devices with the Elanra range, so unique they are the only ones in the world of their kind – a process we hold International patents on and devices that retain a lot of trade secrets.

We are positive you will receive health benefits from using the Elanra Ioniser range. It is however important to follow these three rules below: 

  • You use the Elanra MkII Ioniser next to your bed on a bedside table that is not made of metal for a minimum of 7 hours per night (turn it on as you go to sleep, turn it off in the morning – simple!)
  • You have no metal objects between your Elanra Ioniser, and your respiratory breathing (move your watch, phone, lamp away or behind your Elanra – I put my phone in my top drawer and leave it ajar)
  • You sleep within 1-2 metres of the Needle output of the Elanra special Oxygen, and you stay in bed for 7-8 hours per 24 hour period.

If you cannot stay in bed and breathing this special Oxygen for 7-8 hours then consider also using the MkIII if you are in a car for long periods of time, or wear the Pendant during the day and enjoy your own crisp, clear and clean Oxygen no matter where you are!


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Part Number:C1000183
Electric Shock ProtectionClass II ME equipment, externally powered
IP ratingIPXO (Not water resistant)
Use with OxygenNot suitable for use in an oxygen rich environment
Mode of OperationShort term, prolonged or continuous use
Software Revision6.0
Input Voltage and Frequency100-240VAC
Rated input Power<10VA
Required Power Adapter

Use only supplied AC Adaptor Elanra Part Number #C1000053

No substitute permissible

Recommended Operating Environment10°C (50°C) to 40°C (104°F), 30 to 75% RH, 70 to 106kPa
Recommended Transport and Storage Conditions-20°C (-4°F) to +70° (158°F), to 10 to 90% RH including condensation, 50 to 106kPa

Ion Flow Rate

25 x Trillion (1012)  ions/second at  full power 40Hz setting

10 x Trillion (1012)  ions/second at  4Hz, Med Lo, (default) setting

Ion Output Density

900 000 ions/cc @1m, Full Pwr

Emergency Power DisconnectRemove plug from wall socket
Dimensions135mm / 5.4″ Diam. x 108mm / 4.32″ High. 73mm / 2.92″ Base Diam.
Modulation FrequenciesUser settings from 4Hz to 40Hz

Electrical & EMC Safety Standards

CE Medical and Safety PerformanceMDD 93/42/EEC, A2007/47/EC

EN60601-1: 2006 + ALL: 2011

EMCIEC 6060 1-1-2: 2007

Ion Needles

Replaceable special needles designed specifically for the output of small inhalable negative ions. The optimum use of the Elanra MKII requires needles to be replaced after 1200 hours of use (3-4 months if used an average of 8 hours a day).


3 years warranty on labour from date of purchase. 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on materials from date of purchase. 1 year warranty on batteries if applicable.

MKII Patents & Registrations

Patents and Trademarks listed globally
Registered as a Therapeutic Air Ioniser, on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods which is a division of the Australian Government Department of Health. Certificates are available to medical professionals if required.

Q: How often should I change the settings?
A: It is strongly recommended that you use the Elanra MKII on the appropriate therapeutic setting for at least 6 months. Changing settings often will not achieve the best result. Some people find benefit very quickly and with others it can take months. Everybody is different.

Q: I’m a light sleeper, does the MKII make any noise?
A: The MKII will make a faint whispering sound, which may be audible in a very quiet room. Sound levels may be reduced by repositioning the unit or decreasing the ion output.

Q: I want to use my MKII in my bedroom, where should I set it up?
A: For 2 people sharing a bed, the best place for your MKII is on a wooden or glass stool or table within 2 metres of the therapeutic range (e.g. bedside table or foot of bed). The MKII should be placed level with your head (that is above the bed covers) so that the Oxygen ions have a clear line to your face.

Q: Can it be used 24hrs a day?
A: Yes, but the MKII starts to produce its beneficial negative ions of Oxygen when you turn it on, and requires approximately 5 minutes to ionise an average size bedroom. We recommend you turn on your Ioniser as you prepare to get into bed. Keep it on for the duration of each sleep period. Turn it off when you wake to go about your day. The Ioniser does not need to be left on if there is no one in the room.

Q: My needles glow in the dark is this normal?
A: Yes, but if they don’t glow it doesn’t necessarily mean that your unit is not working. The glowing needles vary with the environmental conditions, 
e.g. humidity.

Q: Why does it need needles? Other products don’t have needles.
A: That is part of our patented technology that produces the small negative ions of Oxygen.

Q: How long do the Needles last?
A: Approximately 1200 hours or 3-4 months if the user uses the Elanra MKII an average of 8 hours a day.

Q: How do I order replacement needles?
A: You can order them by web, phone or post.

Q: I think I broke a needle
A: You have accidently separated the needle from the needle collar, all you need to do is simply push the pieces back together again (blunt end first).

Q: I have lost a needle, will my Elanra MKII work with less than four needles?
A: Yes, but no less than 2.

Q: I think I bent a needle. Will it still work?
A: Yes, however it is best to use pliers and correct the bend as best as possible. Alternatively, remove the bent needle and replace or go without.

Q: Can I talk to another Elanra owner?
A: For privacy reasons we cannot give out contact details, but on the UK website there are many testimonials of how the product is used by other customers.

Q: What is the difference between output of the MKII and MKIII (portable)?
A: The MKII unit has a 2 meter therapeutic range and air cleans up to 75 square meters, operates on mains power and has more variety of settings for strength of ion output. The portable unit can operate on mains power, battery power for travel and comes with a mountable car kit. The portable unit has a 1 meter therapeutic range and air cleans up to 25 square metres.

Q: I can hear a tick tick sound coming from the ioniser when it is turned on?
A: Possible Causes:
1) The ion output may be up too high for your circumstance (refer to your instruction booklet or contact your local Elanra representative).
2) Your Elanra is to close to something metal, i.e. a clock or lamp and the ions are earthing (the metal object is interacting with the unit) resulting in the tick tick sound.
3) Weather changes can make this happen if there is high moisture levels in the air.
Solution: Reposition your Elanra or remove metal objects or decrease the ion strength output.

Q: How do I know when it’s time to replace the Ionising needles?
A: Your Elanra will tell you when it’s time to replace the needles. The green light on the display panel on the front of your ioniser will change to orange. We recommend you change the needles at this point. If the indicator remains on orange too long, it will turn to red and you will not be receiving the therapeutic benefits intended with this device.

Q: Does the Ioniser need to be reset after changing the needles?
A: Yes, please read the instructions for changing needles on this website, in the instruction manual or on the card attached to your new replacement needles.

Q: I have noticed there is a brown or black fallout around and on the machine
A: Remember that the Elanra MKII removes pollution from the air. This pollution is classified in two areas:
1) Brown fallout is usually industrial pollutants like sulphur oxides, etc.
2) The black fallout is usually petrol carbons, i.e. car and truck exhaust fumes.
Solution: Spray the recommended cleaning fluid (blue based window cleaner) onto a soft clean cloth, NOT directly onto the machine, and gently wipe the outside of the machine to remove the discolouration.

Additional information

Weight0.898 g
Dimensions17 × 18 × 17 cm


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