Elanra MKIII Replacement Needles

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Replacement Needles for Elanra MKIII

Pack of 5 sets of needles for 15 months supply

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Elanra Portable MKIII Replacement Needles


Elanra Portable MKIII Needles. Pack of 5 sets of needles, each set contains 4 needles (15 months supply). Order 5 packs but only pay for 4! The fifth one comes for FREE!


These Ionizer Needles are an essential component of the Elanra Portable MKIII Ioniser. Genuine Elanra needles are required for the production and dispersal of the small negative ions, in consistent and sufficient quantities to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits. Elanra Portable MKIII Ioniser needles are precision made from advanced materials, and according to exact specifications which have been researched and tested to ensure the effective performance both this type of needle and all ionizer needles for each respective Elanra negative ioniser.

After 1200 hours, or 150 days at 8h/day, the Elanra Portable MKIII Ionizer needles will become less effective, due to corrosion. Your Elanra Portable MKIII has a timer which keeps track of this, and will indicate when it is time for the needles to be replaced. Consult your Elanra product’s user manual for information about needle expiry and replacement.

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