Elanra Settings

Therapeutic Settings


Together with the recognized health benefits associated with inhaling small biologically active negative ions of oxygen, Elanra medical ionizers offer the exclusive advantage of being individually programmable.


Using recognised frequencies developed over many years of research and assistance with the greatest minds in the scientific world, we developed the combination of outputs and frequencies to help your body balance itself. The Elanra pulses natures special oxygen to provide you with far more than an air cleaner, far more than just an ioniser, it’s just simply Elanra. Designed and invented specifically for your health requirements and for your family not just for now but for many years.


Elanra Frequency Settings

  • Help your body fight
  • Enjoy the earth’s frequency and new dreaming
  • Assist normalise your hormones
  • Sleep better and improve your quality of meditation
  • Help with allergies
  • Assist in recovery of chronic fatigue and improve your vitality