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The Elanra is medically registered for the following biological impacts providing it is used strictly as directed:
  • For Improved health and wellbeing
  • For increased alertness
  • To assist in recovery from illness and chronic fatigue
  • To reduce the severity and frequency of colds and flu
  • To support and assist in immune system recovery
  • To relieve the symptoms of seasonal conditions
  • To help improve sleep
  • Helps to normalise the bodies natural hormonal levels that may have been altered by the increasing levels of positive ions in the ambient air
  • To help improve learning
  • To help and assist allergy and eczema sufferers
  • To assist breathing by reducing airborne pathogens and dusts
  • To help enhance the body’s absorption of oxygen, Vitamin B and Vitamin C

Elanra ~ Australian Made beyond Advanced Nano-Technology

Elanra MkII Ioniser

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MKII Replacement Needles

Elanra MKIII Portable

Life’s little journeys


MKIII Replacement Needles

Elanra Air Pendant

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Air Pendant Replacement Needles