Meet the Inventors

Mr Joshua Shaw (1938–2019) was the inventor of the original Elanra product range. He first began his research into ‘therapeutic small negative air ions’ around 1967 eventually naming his medical devices ‘Elanra’.

The innovative design of the Elanra devices advanced the field of gas ionization and physics in the 1960’s beyond its applications of sterilization and air purification towards medical therapeutic purposes. Accordingly, in the 1970s, the Health Department (now called the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)) deemed that the official description of the device would be a ‘therapeutic air ioniser’. However, it was not until much later (in 2018) that the improvements of the original technology used in Elanra therapeutic air ionisers would now be recognised by leading Academic Professors as a type of low risk ‘Cold Air Plasma (CAP) Medicine with Quantum Physics.’

Mr Joshua Shaw wrote in the 1980’s: “The award winning (Geneva inventors award) Elanra enhances health and wellness by replicating nature’s small negative ions of oxygen across variable frequencies—like those we experience beside a waterfall, by the seaside, or after a thunderstorm. Only with Elanra therapeutic Air Ions can you harness the vast health benefits associated with breathing in nature’s small negative ions of oxygen while at home, in the office, or on the go.”

This science and technology is more than a ‘therapeutic air ioniser’. Over the years, the company has gradually and carefully recorded the positive results expressed from users of the medical devices across various illnesses — now regarded as Plasma Medicine Devices—in its private database. As a result, the company database is recognised as the largest record of Plasma Medicine use in humans in the world as at 2021.

From 1967 to 2020, the company chose to not release its human results nor publish in any journals with reference to its success in over 1 Million patients, relying on organic growth. The science and technology was ahead of its time, and its active mechanisms were not accepted by the scientific, medical and political fraternity, for it was not understood. Also it could not be scientifically measured nor explained beyond the words of the day, it could only be experienced by its positive in-human results, and this was not enough. 2021 will see this trend change as some stakeholders now welcome results in public health, accepting the unseen especially when it is has shown long term efficacy in humans.

In 2012, Mr Shaw began gradually handing over his life’s work to his chosen successor, Ms Debbie Black, a trusted, loyal friend and independent scientist.

“It’s an honour to take forward and improve the foundational work and trade secrets that Mr Shaw spent his whole life developing, and spent many years protecting and vehemently fighting for. Today, we are assisting patients of all ages, with any condition, from their bedside, and gently over time, still with no side effects and consistent results.

Unfortunately, modern clinical trials remain a real challenge for this device, as they rightly require stringent controls of who can be included in the study to limit potential variables and focus on one illness. However, our large database of patients has shown that the more health variables (illnesses) a patient has, the better their outcome and experience will be over time. Therefore, although testing one illness will meet clinical trial requirements, it will not explain the potential benefits of our low risk device among all patients, especially those sick from bacteria, virus and other pathogens including our aged person communities.

This unique medical device is designed to target the ‘systems of the body’, not just one illness, nor one organ, and does not interfere with existing prescription medicines or vaccines. It provides positive, repeatable and longer term results inside the human body from pathogen mutations because it’s a physics solution, not a chemical solution. An easy to use solution that belongs to humanity, not just Australians.”— Ms Debbie Black (2021).

Mr Shaw’s motivation:

Unfortunately, Mr Joshua Shaw passed away on March 5th, 2019. He is greatly missed and admired for what he did for human health in Australia.

A man who dedicated his life to this invention after witnessing his younger brother Simeon die in agony at the age of 5 years old in 1947. Scientists in another country were seeking knowledge to use in the Cold War. Simeon suffering from early bone cancer, was injected with ‘radioactive plutonium’ as an experiment so that science could learn what happens to the human body, whilst still alive; without parental informed consent. Simeon died 9 months after this ‘treatment’. A practice which would be forbidden today. The country involved, eventually provided a formal apology to Joshua and his family and was broadcast on Australian television. An event which deeply scarred Mr Shaw and drove him to the person he became and the technology that he created for humanity.

Health Professionals Only

Assist your patients with a device that complements any prescriptions you have recommended. The Elanra does not conflict with any medications. The device assists to clear the pathway for better absorption and more effective results so the medications can work as intended and not hindered by the negative internal pollutants that could alter efficacy.