Meet the Inventor

Joshua Shaw the inventor of ELANRA Ionisers has been intimately involved in the perpetual research, design and distribution of Elanra negative ion generators since 1967, and has developed a unique range of Therapeutic Ionisers (in some countries this is called an oxygen concentrator).

” Not all ionizers are created equal  ~ Today, there are many negative ionisers that can be readily purchased online that boldly claim to do the same thing as the Elanra. We disagree with these claims, because we consistently conduct our own research and development. Elanra is globally recognised and respected as the leader in therapeutic ionisation. Elanra technology is patented globally, trademarked and vehemently protected. Elanra has surpassed the most stringent of medical requirements in Australia and abroad with higher standards of consumer safety in order to be registered as a medical device. If you want any device that does what it claims it can do, only choose a medically registered device.

Our Ionisers enhance health and wellness by replicating nature’s small negative ions of Oxygen across variable frequencies– like those we experience beside a waterfall, by the seaside or after a thunderstorm. Only with Elanra Therapeutic Ionisers can you harness the vast health benefits associated with breathing in nature’s negative ions of Oxygen while at home, in the office or on the go. This is because of our patented technology and company trade secrets. It’s what makes us unique!

Number one for quality and results, today’s award-winning Elanra Medical Ionisers go beyond conventional health and into the sphere of holistic medical wisdom, on how to balance your body to heal itself naturally.”

Joshua Shaw

Inventor of Elanra product range

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