“A human is not God, but even Einstein did not know everything like you do.”

Professor Kubo, Astrophysics, Cosmology & Natural Philosophy,
Tokyo University & Kubo Institute of Physics, October 2020

“In a personal summary letter to the inventor about the Elanra MkII study and report, “The increase in immune reactivity is convincing with a probability level of 0.001…further convincing evidence is the concomitant drop in serotonin levels which have a link with the immune response…It is likely that this enhancement will have an effect on reducing upper respiratory tract infections and benefit allergy sufferers in the millions…we also found statistically significant but clinical benefits not yet established on spore precipitation of the upper respiratory tract providing a similar picture to the immune response findings”

The late Professor George Singer (1922-2009)
Ph.D., Dean & Director of BBRI, Australian Cross (1st Class)
La Trobe University, 1988


“To the best of my knowledge, the Elanra MkII is the only registered medical device of this kind in the world, that has a substantial documented history of safe applications on consumers. I am not aware of any other existing physical gas Plasma business (being an emerging industry of the last decade) which has these records. Although various devices are being created, none have 53 years of safe use in patients like this device has. I emphasize that the knowledge this company possesses is unique and application focused.”

Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov
Australia’s leading Professor in low- temperature plasma applications
Full Professor, Academia Europaea, M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Physicist and Academic QUT Australia, 2020


“Large particles get trapped in the upper respiratory tract whilst small ultrafine particles penetrate deep into the alveoli region of the lungs, roughly 50% of them are retained there. Because the MkII has charged the ultrafine particles then the deposition rate could be further enhanced by about 10-20%. Studies have shown these can get into the blood stream.”

Dr R. Jayaratne
International laboratory for air quality and health, QUT Australia 2017


“Only when water memory is finally accepted by the scientific fraternity and they finally follow the results and hard facts, will science and medicine be able to move forward towards treating patients with these ‘signals’ and ‘water’.”

Professor Marc Henry
Ph.D. – Quantum Physics, molecular biology and Biotechnologies
French Institute of health and medical research, 1992


“A cells life is controlled by the physical and energetic environment and NOT by its genes. It is a single cells “awareness” of the environment, not its genes that set into motion the mechanisms of life.”

Dr. B. Lipton B
The biology of Belief, 2005


“Any theoretical attempt even by this company, to concentrate only on a few body interactions or a few mechanisms of action, both electromagnetic and molecular, will be insufficient to explain the phenomena of this Cold Air Plasma Medical Device which uses Quantum mechanics (physics) to produce small therapeutic air ions. Designed for positive biological results in human patients of all ages, in any comorbid state.  A solution for human health which is Physics based not Chemically based, so importantly does not interfere with prescription medicines or vaccines instead supports them. Results are verified and repeatable over many decades with efficacy shown through no adverse events, no recalls and consistent benefits.”

Debbie Sommerville
Chairman, Bionic Air Pty Ltd, Australia 2020


“The density of O3 (Ozone) was measured, it was very low, could not be detected at 15cm away from the device after working for 4 hours.” The International standard is 0.05ppm and this device at 0.02ppm at close proximity is well under that standard, so acceptable for human use.”

Associate Professor Y. Xian
Wuhan University, PRC 2020


“When new concepts emerge in the beginning they are fiercely attacked and then eventually they end up being accepted by everyone. The eternal problem with science is not new evidence but waiting for the paradigm shift to accept the new evidence. Making research is to believe in something, but to be ready to believe in the impossible makes you completely free.”

The late Professor Luc Montagnier
Ph.D. – Immunologist, Italian Nobel Prize winner.
French Institute of health and medical research, 1992


“As a scientist I am well acquainted with the healthy benefits of the ‘small’ negative ions for a number of years now. But it was only when I saw the device at the Health Symposium in Chicago did I fully appreciate just how much it can do. I volunteered to be a part of the Elanra Study for the FDA Evaluation in America. I’ve slept like a baby since but the biggest benefit to me is that my hayfever and asthma is now under control. No more stuffed sinuses, hacking, coughing or spitting was evident. This Australian invention is the best thing to come out of Australia since koalas and kangaroos. I heartily recommend Elanra and certainly wouldn’t be without mine.”

John Heinerman, PhD.
Chicago USA