MkII Medical Device

Reduce symptoms of influenza today.

Reduce Virus and Bacteria in the air,
on surfaces, in your lungs and blood*

*Bond University (2017) showed 72% eradication of respiratory colonies within the first 3 hours, more over time.

95% of our users report:
“We just don’t get the flu anymore*!

87% of patients recover faster from illness.*

Helping patients around the world suffering from symptoms and also preventing influenza and colds.

* Independent research 2009, Osborne International, UNSW on 973 users.

Safe Undeniable RESULTS
53 Years Old

Almost 2 Million patients.

Australian Made.

Sleep Better

It’s so easy!

Turn it on at night whilst you sleep.

Turn it off when you wake.

More than an Ioniser.

“In my opinion, this plasma science technology can assist respiratory illnesses*.”

*Professor Y. Xian Wuhan University, China.

More than an air ioniser. More than an air purifier.

Designed for your body and blood

It’s results that matter

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to improve your health and maintain it? A way to stay healthy and protect your body? A way that decreases the increasing demands on your time and energy? There is an answer…

This medical device sits on your bedside table facing you as you sleep or rest. It does not touch your body. Turn it on when you go to bed and then turn it off as you awake. It peacefully works across all your body’s systems as you sleep to encourage good long term health. Is it an air cleaner? Yes it will clean the air, but it’s also more than an air cleaner. Is it an air purifier? Yes it will purify the air, but it’s more than an air purifier. Think of it being for your body and blood, and in the process, it will clean and purify the air and surfaces of its room at the same time. Working hard inside your body, as you sleep. Don’t worry if you have many medical problems. Don’t worry if you have a large sum of prescriptions. This device does NOT interfere with your doctors prescriptions. In fact, our experience shows, we help efficacy of prescriptions.

Too good to be true? Think again! There are some things in life which are genuine and authentic. Only with wisdom and results can they be recognised. 53 years of history and over 1 Million users in Australia cannot be wrong! Results are and have been consistent and undeniable. Results which are predominantly but not limited too; the respiratory system, sleep system, hormonal system and cardiovascular system. Assisting to clear the body and its systems from the effects of virus and bacterial pathogens, whilst helping to protect the good pathogens and good bacteria. And as an added benefit this science is recognised as a selective adaptogen for the human body. It may assist the body restore the systems not functioning as they should.

Our very large database is extensive. In 2009, an independent study took place on this database where 95% of the 973 respondents who are long term users, experienced fewer colds and influenza. Further, when experiencing illness, 87% reported much faster recovery than they knew before. By 2020, we commissioned a second independent study on our database, so far 96% of the 130 respondents who are long term users and so far surveyed (ongoing), report fewer colds and influenza.

“We just don’t get the flu anymore”

The mostly used words by our customers is ‘We don’t get the flu anymore”. It’s no wonder 93% actively recommend this device to their family and friends.

Medically registered by the TGA in Australia as a low risk ‘Therapeutic Air Ioniser’. We know from experience that this advanced science and technology is beyond the capability of an air-cleaning ioniser. Our long history shows that it brings about various biological and therapeutic changes regularly and safely to benefit human health. We have the experience and wisdom of many years and many patient users. This is why the word ‘therapeutic’ is wisely medically registered by the TGA. For well over four decades, there have been No recalls and No negative reported events from consumers, patients and professional users.

However, it would be many more years before the progression of the technology to what it is today, and the advanced science of this working device would be recognised by the current professional community. Today, it is now globally recognised by many leading academics as currently being the world’s only consumer of the Cold Air ‘Plasma Medical Device’. Designed and made in Australia and predominantly distributed in Australia only.

Emitting proprietary electrons, special types of Molecular and Atomic Oxygen and other air species which undergo special changes inside the needle plasma, inside the electrical fields and absorbed into the human at the air/mucous or liquid interchange. So calling it a ‘Negative air ioniser’ is correct but, for only part of its action. It only explains a very small part of its total action. Back in the 1970’s there were not the words to describe how this type of Quantum Physics and complex myriad of different Advanced Sciences worked together to create what we have and what we know today. A device specialising in the unseen.

Unseen methods of delivering these species into the human respiratory system through various selective frequencies and pulsed electrical fields, that we know communicate safely within the human body in variable ways. Transported through a proprietary mix of electrical and magnetic fields into and around the human body. Arriving into your body using two methods:

1: Respiratory system, through your nose and mouth AND
2: Transdermal, through your skin.

There are no side effects. No chemicals. No filters. Ozone well under the legal limits for safe use. The only replacement consumable is four specially made small needles that sit inside little cavities in the front of the device. They are easy to change and need replacing under normal use about every 3.5 months. Don’t worry, there is a red light that shines to tell you when the needles need replacing, and the medical device will not function until they are replaced.

Easy to use. Easy to experience and the greatest investment you will ever make for the health of you and your family.

It’s Results that matter!

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