Life's Better with Elanra

Alert: Due to International and Local demand with the current epidemic; we are focussing on the more powerful MkII and MkIII only for now.

For two people sleeping – Elanra MKII

For individual use while sleeping – Elanra MKII or Elanra MKIII Portable

Infants and children in their own room – Elanra MKII or Elanra MKIII Portable

Note: If using the Elanra MkIII next to the bed only use it plugged into the power point as it is then grounded. If using the MkIII on the battery mode the user should also wear the grounding strap on the wrist for improved absorption

In the home

The Elanra MKII Ioniser can be left on continuously, but it is much better to turn it off when you have left the room to save your needle useage if using the device for therapeutic reasons. The optimum time to use Elanra is during sleep or rest as research has shown, that the greatest benefits are recorded during times when the body is least active. For ongoing health benefits from the Elanra, it must be used every time you sleep and it is advisable that you position yourself between 1-2 metres from the unit. Use the Elanra with the indicator lights facing towards you at head height while lying down. The Elanra is ideally placed on your timber/glass or ceramic bedside table in front of any other objects and as close to you as possible.

“I heartily recommend ELANRA ionisers and certainly wouldn’t be without mine.”

John Heinerman


Elanra MKII Ioniser

Elanra MKIII Portable

In the Office

If using the MKII or MKIII, the Elanra Medical Ioniser must not be any closer than one metre from your computer or telephone system. It is advisable that you keep the Elanra away from metal objects like filing cabinets and shelving, lamps, clocks, etc. The Elanra MKII has the ability to clean the air of a 75 square metre room. So no matter how large or small your office is, the Elanra Medical Ionisers can suit your individual needs.
“I highly recommend the ELANRA as an exceptionally effective state-of-the-art negative ioniser.”
Robert Beck

B.E., D.Sc.

Elanra MKII Ioniser

Elanra MKIII Portable

Private office – Elanra MKII or MKIII Portable

Open plan office – Elanra MKII or Elanra Air Personal Pendant

Professional / Consultative use – Elanra MKII

This portability gives drivers the freedom to travel anywhere they desire, stop over in a luxury hotel or pitch a tent by the roadside, all the while enjoying the benefits of breathing the air that nature intended.

The MkIII is specially designed for vehicles, with a car mounting kit available too. Enjoy a fresher cabin, less airborne bacteria and improve your health all at the same time!

While Driving

To reduce fatigue and the harmful effects of positive ions created in the cabin naturally of motor vehicles, campervans, trains, trucks and buses, the portable MKIII or Elanra Air Personal Pendant is the best to use to clear the way for balanced air while travelling. The Elanra MKIII Portable Ioniser has been made to clip onto a specially designed stand (included with purchase), which can be positioned on the dashboard or the rear shelf of the vehicle.
It is important to have your Elanra MkIII fitted correctly and professionally to your vehicle for safe driving. Do not use the MkIII on battery power, nor wear the wrist strap whilst you are driving. The 9 volt battery option requires that you wear the wrist strap to be grounded. This is useful to use when you leave the motor vehicle and wish to take the MkIII with you.
Without equivocation, I can say that I am completely satisfied and delighted with the results achieved with the Elanra negative ion generator.
Sydney A. Baggs


For In-Flight Travel

The Elanra Air Pendant are of particular value to travellers in order to help counteract some of the unpleasant consequences of flying and travelling. Flying has been known to cause various health problems among travellers whether frequent or not. The Elanra Air Pendant clears PM2.5 at the rate of ½ litre per second, now you can enjoy your own fresh and clean oxygen in the cabin. The Air Pendant only has a range of 35cm so other passengers will not receive this special ion of oxygen. Wear it around your neck, relax and enjoy.
“Elanra has improved my life. I strongly recommend ELANRA to improve the quality of life for all who use it.”
Jim E. Wright


Breathing in your own supply of negative ions of Oxygen, across various frequencies generated by your Elanra ensures you arrive at your destination feeling rested and refreshed.
Elanra is safe for babies to use too. There is a special setting designed for newborns up to 3 months and onwards; there is also a special setting for Grandmother and Grandfather too!

In Hospital

87% of Elanra Customers report faster recovery from illness in hospital when using their Elanra Ioniser.

The Elanra Medical Ioniser is approved for use in hospitals and complies with all safety and electrical standards. Placing the unit on a wall shelf is recommended which allows the ions to eliminate air-borne bacteria.

NOTE: Special care should be exercised to keep the Elanra away from metal benches and cabinets. Ions can transfer their electrical potential to the metal objects and when touched and NOT grounded, will give a mild static charge just like opening your door on a dry winters day. This will not harm you or the unit.

Just a few lines to let you know that I firmly believe that I have been helped by the use of the Elanra. My condition has eased, and I have more rest and relax better at night.
A J Williams

Cornwall, England

Elanra MKII Ioniser

Elanra MKIII Portable

For Intense Treatment

Another unique advantage of the Elanra MKIII Portable Ioniser is the Treatment mode. By using the wrist strap included with your Portable Ioniser and holding the device close to your mouth or nose and breathing normally, you can increase the concentration of small biologically active ions of Oxygen.
It is advisable that this treatment be carried out for 20 minutes morning and night, ensuring that your feet are grounded (no rubber soled shoes).

Elanra MKII