MkII Medical Device

Reduce symptoms of influenza today.

Reduce Virus and Bacteria in the air,
on surfaces, in your lungs and blood*

*Bond University (2017) showed 72% eradication of respiratory colonies within the first 3 hours, more over time.

95% of our users report:
“We just don’t get the flu anymore*!

87% of patients recover faster from illness.*

Helping COVID-19 patients around the world.

* Independent research 2009, Osborne International, UNSW on 973 users.

Safe Undeniable RESULTS
53 Years Old

Almost 2 Million patients.

Australian Made.

Sleep Better

It’s so easy!

Turn it on at night whilst you sleep.

Turn it off when you wake.

More than an Ioniser.

“This device may reduce upper respiratory tract infections
and significantly impact immune response.
No other plasma air medical device in the world
has 53 years of safe use in patients*.”

*Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov
Australia’s leading Plasma Professor
QUT (2020 Australia)

We find THE BEST PRODUCTS for you

Rebalance and let your body heal itself today.

Bionic Air has relationships with Health companies across the globe. We believe in providing you the best health products in the world that we can find, most of those are unique to this web site. We are driven by a one global view of all disciplines. We believe in this holistic approach to health. What does that mean? Western medicine has its place, Eastern and Indian medicine has its place. Natural and Pharmaceutical drugs and devices are not mutually exclusive, you don’t have to rely on one at the sake of the other. If you were run over by a car this afternoon you would go to the hospital for medical treatment, you wouldn’t take a vitamin pill and say I’ll be fine now!!! Whereas, Eastern and Indian medicine is over 2,000 years old, and they have the longest living and healthiest humans on the planet – they are doing something that we in the west are not. We do not believe you can exclusively live happy and healthy being on only one side of the fence. You need balance. You need to balance all health solutions to find the right solution for you. We provide you the range of choices. We have done the hard work to find the best. We have built the relationships and reviewed the background and the science to stand by what we recommend. You benefit. It’s that simple.

If you want joy and peace in your life it starts with how you feed your engine – your inner self. You feed your soul with the spiritual beliefs you have. You feed your mind with the information you allow it to digest. You feed your heart with the environment and the people you live with and allow. But science tells us that the stomach and nutrition and inner health balance you have is what truly brings you improved emotion, health and joy.

Without your health and good food, water and air you will struggle to attain and retain happiness and joyful living on a practical basis.

But don’t fear, don’t be upset, don’t be angry at your past and those in it, live for your present and future, there is solutions, they’re just hard to find. That’s why we did the hard work for you. We give you the tools to bring that peace and joy back into your health. We give you the tools to help your body rebalance and feed it what it needs.

We understand that if we can help you radiate on the inside, you will be a beacon of joy and magnetic attraction on the outside, for the beautiful outward expression of healthy balance in your body. 

Bionic Air does not provide you one company and one solution. We have worked across the globe to find the unique balance and connection between the products that truly make a difference just for you.

Join The Health Revolution!

Distributor or Affiliate Opportunities

Get involved with a very reputable business so that you can have a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. The greatest benefit of joining the Bionic Air Group is the joy and contentment you will bring to every person you touch.

Become a Distributor

For leaders who match our values.
We support you with world class products, logistics, customer service, warranty, and research. We expect you to support the health of the people in your area and country with the same passion that we have. We will assist to train your people, but you are responsible for the marketing and distribution of your region.

You need to have sufficient funds to purchase stock, contracts, branding materials and promotional items and much patience for the thorough application process.

As a Distributor you need to purchase a minimum order quantity of 3 cases of any one product, which requires a higher investment. Only for the serious business person with a team already in place.

Professionals Only

Designed for those busy professionals.
G.P’s, specialists and Naturopaths love this path. You want access to our product range for your customers, you don’t want to buy stock, you want to simply hand over a name and phone number to our staff, send an email or text, or discuss live with us alongside your patient. We listen, care like you, recommend, despatch and manage the entire payment and after sales process on your behalf either with your staff or with the customer directly.

You receive:

  1. A disclosed referral fee for the introduction or
  2. A disclosed fee paid to the charity of your choice on your behalf or
  3. We provide your customer a bonus that is not available to the general public and unique due to your involvement.

The choice is yours. The application process is smooth and easy but only available to professionals. Should the customer order again down the track you are rewarded as per your choice.

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Our mission is to provide you with the best medical devices, healthcare and skincare products with the highest quality standards. We’d love to hear from you and help you benefit.