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Pain-Free Pads are designed to connect to your Mini TENS machine, providing localised pain relief to specific areas of your body. Each pack contains a pair of pads in your choice of sizes:

Large Pads

Large rectangular shaped pads which are great for large body areas like the lower back, ham strings or down your arms.

Medium Pads

Medium Pads are in the shape of a glove, smaller than the large pad and ideal for areas like the Rumboids, the shoulder blades or smaller muscle groups.

Small Pads

The Small pads are for use in the areas of the body such as the wrist, ankles or jaw line, for those using it for pain relief whilst at the dentist.

All the pads have a small nob which connects to the leads and your Pain-Free Mini making it easy for the Pain-Free mini to communicate with the pad.

Warning: Always turn off the pain-free Mini BEFORE removing or placing your pads on your body, the electrical stimulation you receive through your back for example is much stronger if you then touch it with your finger.

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