Enid Bailey

I’ve had my Elanra for three weeks now. My health benefits are enormous. My lung capacity was only 55% and it is now 84%. I can actually feel the tissues changing instead of puffing and panting I can now breathe freely and walk freely. Both Lionel and I are also...

Dr Sydney Baggs

Since I’ve used the Elanra I’ve been sleeping in! This is a phenomenon in my household. Normally I rise at 4.00am have an hour’s walk and start work. This routine is in total disorder. Although I am totally rested, for a change I’m falling behind with my work load and...

Ron Taylor

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the Elanra ionizer. Besides selling a quality product, your company has also provided us with excellent service, which we appreciate very much.

Diane Bath-Robertson

It is always a fight as to who is going to use the ELANRA between me and my grandson. I cannot sing the praises of the Elanra high enough I recommend this machine to anyone.

Michael Kanuika

The Elanra has truly helped me, and for my piece of mind, I would never go to bed without it by my side.