Sleep is essential for every one. Studies have found that sleeping better reduces your chance of getting a cold and heart disease.

However, getting more sleep increases health as your:

  • Brain gets a well-deserved recharge
  • Cells in your body begin to recharge themselves
  • Body releases important hormones essential for good health.

Bionic Air medical devices are the only cold air plasma medical devices using quantum physics, capable of generating the smallest of therapeutic air oxygen and other species, across various frequencies, which can be inhaled through the lungs into the bloodstream.

These extremely small air particles are not available in the normal oxygen you breathe. Bionic Air medical devices will help you sleep better, improve your quality of rest and meditation, assist in the recovery of fatigue, and improve your vitality. Most sleep issues will see improvements from Day 2 to Day 21.

You can improve your sleep by using Bionic Air medical devices, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“I had my usual mild insomnia, which I’ve had most of my life. Conventional medical solutions I was given provided me little relief. After I bought it I remember having a good sleep for the first time in many years, but more importantly, over time I got relief from my other symptoms and don’t depend on my drugs as much. I strongly recommend this product.”

Wendy Douglas

Mermaid Beach QLD

“I have one of your machines next to my bed, turn it on when I retire to bed and get a great nights sleep. I believe it is 100% responsible for my own health and think everyone else should use it too. Because I get a good night’s sleep due to the medical device, I am less jittery in the morning, my hypertension is now near normal, and I feel more rested and alert for the challenges of my day. It works.”

Gus Gramezio

Glynde, South Australia

“Since I’ve used the Bionic Air medical device, I’ve been sleeping in! This is a phenomenon in my household. Although I am totally rested for a change, I’m falling behind with my work load and you’re to blame! So if you can recover from your abject guilt for long enough to organise a copy of my thesis for me, I would be very grateful. Yours in oversleeping! P.S. My wife approved of my changed habit and says it’s about time after 40 years.”

Dr Sydney Baggs

Chatswood NSW


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