Matthew Larkin has been using Bionic Air medical devices for many years, in various environments. 

“I use the Bionic Air MkII everyday in my office and am very impressed,” says Matthew, “I’m a marketing manager at Tortec, which is in the health industry. Marketing is growing quickly and it’s hard to juggle everything- half my team works from home and I’m just maintaining operations and keeping staff working together as a team.”  

“I used to work in a naturopath clinic for 10 years before COVID-19, but it got shut down,” says Matthew, “The MkII had a calming influence- the energy in the Naturopath clinic was scattered before that. I think it provided a strong grounding- It was subtle, but people noticed. I feel like it provided some protection. I used it when I was massaging people and they instantly relaxed, so it must help.” 

Matthew also runs his own health and wellness business called HealthYourself- an online store that focusses on everything healthy. It sells vitamins, food, aromatherapy and other innovative products. The aim is to encourage self-awareness, self-development and good health. Plus he’s used Bionic Air medical devices away from the office too. 

“When I had to get on the boat during COVID-19, it was traumatic and I didn’t want to go,” says Matthew, “Every night on the boat they were isolating people. I was using the Bionic Air MkIII portable machine- when I came back, I was fine. Everyone else on the boat got the flu, but I didn’t. The machine helps.”  

“I have one at home in my bedroom and always have a deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed,” says Matthew, “Before I had poor health for 10-15 years- I had chemical sensitivity and was in a bad place. I haven’t been sick for years since using the machine- no coughs or colds. Using the machine has soothed me and it works well- it’s good for recovery from poor health. I’m a big user and a big believer in the product. I have endorsed this product and I’ve sold a few.”  

Matthew plans to continue using Bionic Air medical devices and is a strong advocate for their health benefits and service they provide. 

“I want to get an Air Pendant, but there is a shortage of those at the moment,” says Matthew, “I want to see it continue. It’s a unique product. It would be great if they could combine it with the air filters. I think the service from Bionic Air is good. They helped when I sent my machine back for repair.”  

“I would definitely recommend the product,” says Matthew, “People don’t understand how much of a difference it makes. I explain the benefits to sensitive clients, the fact that particles are ingested into the blood, and that the machine is an investment.”