PLUS with Ambrotose® Tablets

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Give your body the natural support it deserves

*Benefits vary by product.


PLUS with Ambrotose®

Provide crucial support for your endocrine health

Product No: 11102

Give your body an extra edge with this products designed to target specific areas and provide additional nutrients that help support body system health.

Product Information


The PLUS tablets include a unique blend of standardised nutrients including phytohormones, plant based steroidal saponins, and glyconutrients to help maintain good health. The PLUS tablets are designed to promote general well-being which is achieved through Mannatech’s formulation of Dioscorea and Ambrotose® complex. Mannatech’s PLUS tablets have one of the highest concentrations of natural plant based phytosterols on the market today. These come from Dioscorea Villosa or True Mexican Wild Yam.


Proprietary plant polysaccharide blend** (Aloe vera inner leaf juice dry, tragacanth, ghatti gum), ioscorea villosa extract, tabletting aids.

**Ambrotose complex AU Patent No. 734, 183, and 775, 848; NZ Patent No. 334, 021 and 508, 500; SG Patent No.61367


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