Mannatech Kids health bundle

$ 307.30


Real food supplements for healthier kids

*Benefits vary by product.



Natural solutions for your kids specific needs

Product No: 23456

Give their growing bodies an extra edge with these products designed to target specific areas and provide additional nutrients that help support body system health.

Product Information


Mannatech knows that our children are our future. This is reflected through our focus on health and wellness. By supporting the parents in our community, helping them guide and educate their children, providing nutritional support for growth and development is an example of the values we hold as a global company.

To help mums and dads around the world provide the right nutritional support to their kids, we have a great range of products that are fun and delicious and most importantly, nutritious ! This Kids bundle is a great way to help supplement a nutritious and balanced diet.

This bundle includes:

  • PhytoBurst® Nutritional chews
  • NutriVerus™ Supplemented food powder
  • MannaBears® Pectin chews
  • Ambrotose® Complex powder


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