You may not be able to change the air quality outside, but you can improve the ambient air you are breathing inside your home. For best results consider the Elanra™ to help maintain your health.

Pollutants and pathogens impact your body, and the vital blood that carries oxygen to all your organs, muscles and cells., These create an imbalance in the body that can result in ailments being ignited or exacerbated. Elanra Oxygen corrects this imbalance, enabling your body to repair itself from the ravages of the day, and all while you sleep.
The type of environment that provides healthy air naturally and for free is found around waterfalls, in forests or where ocean waves break over rocks with great force. If only we could spend every moment of every day in these areas, we would not need Elanra! So why are these environments so fresh and clean, and why are we able to ‘breathe deeper’ when we are there, rather than at home? The reason is that the air in these environments is abundant with trillions of a special type of oxygen molecule known as a ‘Small Negative Ion of Oxygen’.
We call it a ‘Species of Oxygen’ and ‘Special Oxygen’, because through years of research at Elanra Medical, we have developed a unique and special understanding of how this subatomic ion lives, moves and works to influence our bodies. This species of Oxygen is part of our team, our cultural DNA, our family, holding a relationship with every worker in our company, as we all embrace incredible pride to represent a product that is so unique and special.
Recreating this ‘Special Oxygen’ that is readily available in the natural environment is an extremely difficult process, and it is the purpose of Elanra to do just that, all while, maintaining a consistent quality output, and ensuring the Special Oxygen can reach the depths of the lungs and be ingested into the body.
The extremely sensitive and involved process to produce these ions requires the world’s most advanced electronic components and precise manufacturing technology. Naturally, these processes are patent-protected as Elanra Medical’s intellectual property.
From the initial inspiration of the inventor, our own Mr. Joshua Shaw, followed by subsequent years of research and development, we have been able to enhance our advanced technology to deliver this unique bio-solution to humanity.
The Elanra rebalances the body’s systems and restores the physical body by assisting in its recovery from damage inflicted throughout the day, all whilst you are sleeping. It’s the easiest step you can take toward attaining good health and wellbeing.
Elanra safely and reliably produces small negative ions of Oxygen, without generating harmful ozone, and this is one important reason that it is able to be registered as a medical device. This standard is unique to Elanra and to Australia.
The Special Small Negative Ion is the vital ingredient of the Oxygen family that our body requires. Mr. Shaw has given humanity the ability to bring the life-giving force of the waterfall into the home, bedroom, car, and hospital – in fact anywhere we may be in our modern world.